PIET Moodshop | Gimber Sweet Lilly 500ml

Gimber Sweet Lilly 500ml


The Belgian Gimber is a delicious, concentrated and 100% organic ginger drink without alcohol, but full of character.

Gimber is made with the best Peruvian ginger, considered by connoisseurs to be the Rolls Royce of ginger varieties. A selection of spices and some lime are added to that main ingredient. No flavourings or preservatives are added and only a minimum of Colombian cane sugar provides a natural caramelised touch.

Enjoy a sip of summer with GIMBER's newest & tropical concentrate packed with passion fruit, ginger, pineapple and turmeric. Slightly sweeter than the traditional version but delicious to use in a summer mocktail.


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This Gimber bottle contains 500 ml of the ginger drink.

Unopened you can keep Gimber for one year after purchase. Once opened, keep the drink in the fridge for up to six weeks.

Shake Gimber before use.


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