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Gimber shot


The Belgian Gimber is a delicious, concentrated and 100% organic ginger drink without alcohol but full of body.

Gimber is made with the best Peruvian ginger which connoisseurs consider the Rolls Royce among ginger varieties. A selection of herbs and some lime is added to the main ingredient. No flavorings or preservatives are added and only a minimum of Colombian cane sugar for a natural caramelized touch.

Ginger is full of gingerol, a scientifically proven anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is also good for your digestion and lowers your cholesterol. Because Gimber contains 40% ginger, it is not only delicious but also spicy, healthy and free of E-numbers and or additives such as citric acid.

You can put a delicious refreshing and powerful aperitif on the table simply by adding cold sparkling water to 3cl Gimber and finishing it with some ice, a sprig of thyme or mint and a slice of lime! In the mood for a warm boost? Add hot water to a shot of Gimber, or combine it with mint or green tea and lemon verbena or lime. Tired of drinking hot chocolate? Add 2cl of Gimber, a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Gimber also adds a unique touch to your dishes in the kitchen. Finish a piece of salmon by rubbing it with a mixture of olive oil, soy sauce, some garlic and Gimber before you put it in the oven: your taste buds will love it! Or how about gingerbread flavored with Gimber?


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This Gimber shot contains 2 cl of the ginger drink.

Unopened you can keep Gimber for one year after purchase. Once opened, keep the drink in the fridge for up to six weeks.

Shake Gimber before use.


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