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Fromme Tabouret

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Petite friture sets an example of simplicity with these 'Fromme' chairs. The elegant and simple form combines with any interior. The Fromme stool, durable and light, is designed for indoor and outdoor use. This unique stool is available in different colours for bold, original compositions.

These metal chairs are designed by Tom Chung. As an experienced biker he rode up mount Fromme, just outside of Vancouver. He was amazed by the technicity of his bike during this tour. This became his inspiration to design objects to their optimal flexibility. He started by redesigning the most basic object of them all, a design chair.

The chair can be used in- and outdoor because of it's special UV powder coating.

The design can always be admired in our Antwerp store. This product does not have a standard shipping size. Take some extra transport costs into account.


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Height: 45cm
Width: 38cm
Seat height: 45cm




Powder coated aluminium with UV protection for the ideal outdoor experience

From €249.00

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