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Fromme Square Table

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Each new piece in the Fromme collection has been designed for use indoors and outdoors. The square table can easily be used as a two-person garden table. Moreover, the Fromme aluminium garden table features the same bicycle-inspired ergonomics as the Fromme seats, with shock absorbers placed under the tabletop.

Tom Chung and Petite Friture designed the piece to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The collection is made using recyclable materials such as aluminium, natural rubber, and stainless steel. The aluminium garden table is coated with UV-resistant VOC-free powder coating for a colour-fast, weather resistant finish.

The Fromme table can be beautifully complemented by the chairs and stools of Petite Friture's Fromme series.

The chair can be used in- and outdoor because of it's special UV powder coating.

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Height: 73cm
Width: 70cm
Length: 70cm




Powder coated aluminium with UV protection for the ideal outdoor experience

From €745.00

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