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  • The playful Elementiles are our new favourite product!
  • The range includes a series of mirrors, magnet, cork and chalkboards which can be endlessly combined with each other.
  • A great way of creating decorative and functional compositions in your hallway, bathroom, kitchen or living room.
  • The tiles can be easily affixed to the wall.

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Triangle (cabinet & mirror); sides 25 cm, height about 22 cm.
Diamond (magnet small): height about 43 cm, width 25 cm.
Trapezium small (chalk & cork); height about 22 cm, width 50 cm.
Trapezium large ( mirror, cork, magnet); height about 22 cm, width 75 cm.

Magnetic tile: green RAL 6019.
Magnets not included.

Depth oak cabinet: 6 cm.

Other Elementiles in the range available to order.

From €15.00

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