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Oak frames

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MOEBE is a Scandinavian design studio that creates accessories, furniture and interiors founded in 2014. Their motto is clear:

"We believe that good design in itself can be sustainable. We don't believe in single use products, furniture that only suits a trend, or quality that doesn't last."

The frames consist of two pieces of acrylic glass, four frames of untreated oak and a rubber band. The elastic band holds the frame together and serves to hang the frame on the wall. Use the frames for photos, posters or you can also use them for dried flowers to bring a piece of nature into your home.





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  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94


Available sizes/materials:

  • Untreated oak
  • Acrylic glass
  • A5: H 23 x W 16,8 x D 1,2 cm
  • A4: H 31,7 x W 23 x D 1,2 cm 
  • A3: H 44 x W 31,7 x D1,2 cm
  • A2: H 61,5 x W 44 x D1,2 cm
From €30.00

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