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Do You Read Me? Bookstores Around the World


Bookstores offer you the freedom to deep-dive into your niche, from cooking to cartoons, architecture to anarchy, but they are more than just places that sell books. In Do You Read Me?, bookshops are seen as a cornerstone of the community, where subcultures have the physical space to thrive. They are focal points of communities, a warm welcome to a city, a place for first-time visitors and longtime residents alike to gather in a shared love of the written word. They are places where time moves a little slower, where customers can get lost in the pages of a book, or enjoy readings, concerts, and events that bring together like-minded individuals with a thirst for knowledge.

Bookshops are universally recognized as marketplaces of knowledge, curiosity, inspiration, communication and entertainment. But, within a changing media environment, their role has been shifting, leading their overseers to pursue different ways to engage with their customers and build local, sometimes even regional, support for their businesses. This book seeks out the most innovative and beautiful bookshops achieving this, sharing their concepts and celebrating book culture in all its glorious forms.

Each bookstore is as unique as the diverse customers who frequent them. There are the secret ones tucked away with stacks reaching floor to ceiling; there are minimalist concept stores; there are dazzling book temples. There are ones in apartments, on boats, and in Gothic cathedrals.
From Daikanyama Tsutaya Books in Tokyo to Kosmos Buchsalon in Zurich, Do You Read Me? travels the globe to discover these gems and some of the people behind them, who turn an ordinary trip to the bookstore into an extraordinary experience.


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The book is written in English and has a hardcover. It counts 272 pages and is 21 by 26 cm.


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