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Don't Leave Me - Side Table

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"Don't Leave Me, the side table that would prefer to be with you all day."

Thomas Bentzen’s portable side table is aptly named ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Abbreviated to DLM, it features a convenient handle that allows the metal table to be carried from room to room. Although it has a lightweight and portable structure, the three slanted legs provide great stability. Available in two sizes, the DLM and DLM XL and many colours, make functional alternatives to traditional coffee tables.


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Size: Ø38 X H58
Material: powder coated steel
Available colours: Toffee, Deep Blue high gloss, Cherry Red high gloss, Grey, White, Black, Yellow, Lavender, Racing Green, Mint


Size: Ø48 X H65
Material: powder coated steel
Available colours: White, Black, Yellow, Lavender, Racing Green, Mint

From €215.00

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