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Dilemma-op-dinsdag Spel

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Getting an electric shock when you laugh out loud or rinsing your mouth with soap when you swear? Always sit on a stranger's lap in public transport or eat out of the neighbour's rubbish bin one day a week? In this game there is only one true rule: you MUST choose!

The absurd dilemmas of Dilemma on Tuesday are cast in a social and funny card game that not only makes you laugh, but also ensures fiery discussions and duels. There are two game options to choose from, because everything in life is a dilemma. In one game, your aim is to present the most difficult dilemma possible to the other players and become the dilemma maestro. In the other game, you play in teams and try to guess what your teammates will choose. This is how you really get to know your friends and family!

The game consists of 60 halves of a dilemma, which makes it possible to create more than 1000 different dilemmas. The aim of the game is, in both cases, to score as few points as possible.


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The game exists in three different variants:

  • The Original edition
  • The Happy Edition
  • The Ultimate Edition
From €15.00

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