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‘Houses with horsepower' is the subtitle of Carchitecture, a book about beautifully designed cars and international architecture compiled with an eye for aesthetics.

Although architecture and cars are miles apart theoretically, the sources of inspiration of their designers are often remarkably similar. The book shows that architects and luxury car manufacturers have their appreciation of the elegance of design, attention to materials and solid construction in common. Furthermore, the combination of architecture and cars not only produces beautiful photos - eye candy for both architecture lovers and car freaks - but also forms a fascinating ensemble. For example, where does the idea come from that every respected architect automatically drives a Saab? Why could Le Corbusier have been called Le Carbusier? And is Frank Lloyd Wright really the inventor of the carport?

Carchitecture answers all of those questions and much more accompanied by beautiful photography on a journey through iconic architecture and car design. Lifestyle journalist Thijs Demeulemeester takes you on a trip past some iconic houses and the unique cars that perfectly match. Toys for boys (and girls).


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The book is written in English and is a hardcover. It contains 192 pages with illustrations in color and in black and white. The dimensions are 30 by 22 cm.


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