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Only receive fun, nice gifts with your wish list

Is it your birthday soon? Or did you just move into a new pad and are you planning a house-warming party? Are you about to marry the love of your life? Or are the Christmas and New Year's lists still very much a tradition in your family?

Then why not create a PIET moodshop wish list?

People will never have to ask you again what you would like to receive and you will never have to pretend that you're happy with a gift which you actually think is horrible. With your wish list, your friends, family and guests will always be inspired and you will only receive gifts that make you happy.

Wedding registry

While you may think that the traditional wedding registry has gone out of fashion, nothing could be further from the truth. In the past, couples used to order flatware and dinnerware sets consisting of hundreds of items. Nowadays, it's much more fun to choose from a wide range of items for yourself or for your home.
Only choose the items you really like, share your list with your guests so you can be certain that you only receive fun gifts on the most wonderful day in your life.

How? Create an account, select and share

  • Before you can fill in your wish list, you must create an account. This is largely so we can deliver all the gifts from your generous family and friends.
  • Then scroll through the items in the PIET moodshop online store and add all the products you like to your wish list. You can add to your wish list or amend it at any time.
  • Mail this list to your family, friends and acquaintances, to anyone you have invited to your next party. It's a great way of taking a burden off their hands.

A tip: you can also share your wishlist on social media. Who knows what surprising gifts you may receive.

Online is easy

What's nice is that your guests can be certain that you will like your gift but they can also easily order it online and have it delivered to you.

Need a gift for someone else?

Tell them about our wish lists! So you can also pick the right gifts! Did the lucky recipient not create a PIET moodshop wish list? Then ask for our assistance in store or use the gift finder!

Create your wish list now!

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Search a wish list

Enter the name of the person you want to find the wish list.