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Bubble buddy

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The Bubble Buddy is made from recycled plastic and is available in a range of soap-like pastel colors. Each Bubble buddy kit contains a block of organic cleaning soap.

The Bubble Buddy can be used as a soap dish in which a bar of soap dries quickly. With the Bubble Buddy top you can grate some soap flakes that easily dissolve in hot water. You can use the soap for almost all your household tasks such as washing dishes, washing, floors and windows.

The Bubble Buddy was designed by Foekje Fleur for Goodtogive and part of the proceeds goes to Sea Shepherd that wants to protect the fragile marine ecosystem and supports projects such as the Bubble Buddy that prevent more plastic from entering our waters.


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The Bubble Buddy measures approximately 11.5 cm by 8 cm.

The Buddy is made in the Netherlands from 98% percent recycled plastic.

From €18.00

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