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La nouvelle table plates

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  • There’s nothing that we love more than to share tapas and small dishes with family and friends.
  • In answer to this new way of life, Merci has created 'La Nouvelle Table'.
  • Inspired by the famous ‘American Modern Dinnerware’ and by the traditional Japanese ‘bento’.
  • The collection is made of sandstone and maple wood, in four different colours.
  • Designed as a puzzle of twelve elements that can be stacked or fitted together at wish.

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XL(nr.1): 32 x 23 H1,4
L (nr.2): 23 x 15 H1,4
M (nr.3): 14,5 x 10,5
S (nr.4): 9,8 x 6,5 H0,7

From €4.20

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