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This design by Gingko looks like a normal book, but when you open it you get a beautiful lamp.

The unique lamp has no cable, but runs on batteries, so you can place it anywhere in the house.

According to Gingko self, this lamp guarantees a wow-effect.

The surprising design of the Booklight brings a cosy atmosphere to any room!



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The pages are made of sturdy paper that doesn't tear quickly and can withstand water.

Opens 360°.

LED lights that last at least 35000 hours.

With battery and charger. Requires 2 to 3 hours to fully charge and can then be on for 10 to 12 hours. You can also leave the charger permanently in the lamp.

LARGE open        24  x 21.5   x 18  cm
LARGE closed17  x 21.5   x 2.5 cm
SMALL open18  x 12.2   x 9    cm
SMALL closed 9   x 12.2   x 2.5 cm

(open: maximum height when the lamp is open at 180°)

From €49.00

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