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Boogie Bougie Scented Candle

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The scented candles of Boogie Bougie are created by Vincent and Pieter-Jan from Antwerp. They consider quality and ecology of paramount importance. The candles are cast in a beautiful aluminium can, they use natural soy wax and everything is carefully handmade.

The candles are made of 100% sustainable soy wax and cast by hand with love for craftsmanship and fragrance. The duo composes the blends themselves and always tries to find a surprising twist. They are looking for fragrances that fill the whole room and bring out a special atmosphere.


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  • Black Fig & Neroli: A scented candle with notes of green leaf, sweet fig, cedar and liquorice. Good for a spicy, warm fragrance
  • Dark Honey & Tobacco: A scented candle with notes of tobacco, honey, amber and tonka bean. Good for a slightly sweet, very homely smell
  • Mimosa Darling & Leather: A scented candle with notes of cardamom, thyme, sandalwood and leather. Good for a tough, slightly heavier smell
  • Pumpkin Spiced Mandarin: A scented candle with notes of nutmeg, mandarin, clove and ginger. Good for a spicy scent that creates instant cosiness
  • Siberian Fire Wood: A scented candle with notes of pine, eucalyptus leather and musk. Good for a warm scent that is a bit tough and smoky.
  • Sunset Amber & Almond: A scented candle with notes of amber, vanilla, almond and musk. Good for a soft light sweet scent

How to use and maintain?

Light the candle carefully and enjoy the cosy scent. The candle is 285 ml and burns for a total of approximately 50-60 hours.

Let the candle burn until the top layer has completely melted to the edge of the tin. This avoids the soy wax burning up into a 'tunnel' and results in a cleaner burn. Cut the wick to about 0.5 cm after each use, to get a nice even burn.

From €34.90

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