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11 May 2016 / Ester

Your favourites in our online store


You may not think so but there is a hidden world behind our onine store. The Atlantis of pietmoodshop.be if you like. So we dug into our archives for some secrets, including your favourite products.

Hierba de las Dunas, the delicious herb liqueur by Syrco Bakker, is mainly shipped to the Netherlands but we have also received orders from Austria and even as far as Canada.




Old fashioned whisky glas

Gin & tonic bag


From the dunes of Cadzand

Our absolute bestseller has already been sold 89 times in our virtual store. Hierbas de las Dunas was inspired by the popular distillate from Ibiza. Syrco Bakker, the chef of Pure C, gathered fresh herbs, flowers and plants in the dunes of Cadzand for this liqueur. From marsh samphire to rocket, the rosehips and sea fennel as well as thyme. …All these herbs lend Hierbas de las Dunas its unique salty-sweet taste. A perfect aperitif, digestive or in a cocktail. Definitely worth a try!

Order this liqueur here.
Price 27.50 euros.

Read more about Syrco Bakker and Hierbas de las Dunas in this blog post: http://www.pietmoodshop.be/nl/blog/syrco-bakker-interview/



One of the most viewed products are these special airplants. And we can see why because they continue to be intriguing. Our collection of airplants also changes continually so you can always extend your collection!
These airplants, or Tillandsia, come from Central and Latin America. They have almost no roots and survive on daylight and a little bit of water. 
They are very exotic and decorative and there are several nice holders to display your airplant including the  Air Trophy and Himmeli.

Take a look at the airplants here.
Price from 12 euros. 


A design classic

The old-fashioned whisky glass. Can you think of any other way of pouring a stylish whisky? We have sold plenty of them in our shop but the whisky glass is also an online best-seller. The sturdy glass in cut crystal is the perfect glass for sipping your whisky in Mad Men style.

Join the club and order your own at http://www.pietmoodshop.be/nl/whisky-glas
Price 7.95 euros/glass. 


Gin & Tonic forever

We have already been selling the Gin & Tonic bag for quite a while but obviously you're not bored with it yet. This original gift bag contains a small bottle of VL92 gin (50ml) and a bottle of Fentimans Tonic (125ml). VL92 gin is an atypical gin made according to the recipe of Dutch jenever. The result is a sharpish gin with hints of coriander and malt wine. Combine with Fentimans tonic for the perfect gin and tonic for one.

Want to taste it? Or give the Gin & Tonic bag as a gift to someone else?
Click here.
Price: 13.95 euros 


Kaleido madness

And another because we just can't get enough: the colourful metal Kaleido trays are the most viewed product in our online store. They are handy storage trays and can be endlessly combined.
Unfortunately HAY recently informed us that a number of colours will disappear from the range. If you are interested in buying an extra large Kaleido in Aubergine or Jade, then don't wait any longer as these are the last items! 

You can order the Kaleido trays online at http://www.pietmoodshop.be/nl/kaleido.
From 13 euros. 


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