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18 March 2016 / Ester

Urban gardening

Now that spring has almost sprung, many of us are venturing outside to tend to our gardens. We already launched succulents,miniature cacti and airplants for city dwellers who like to bring some nature into their house. Follow our tips to create your own green oasis on your balcony, rooftop terrace or in your urban garden because urban gardening continues to be trendy! 


Grow your greens!

This simple white table with concrete containers by Serax will look perfect in your interior. It is super practical (it's not that large so you can easily place it on your terrace) and has another great advantage: you can grow herbs in the concrete containers. So you always have fresh herbs when you need them!

Serax herb table. 344 euros

Passion for plants

A handy index of all the plants, including their specific characteristics and interior features with the florist Marc Colle, the interior photographer Martyn Thompson and the fashion designer Christian Wijnants all in one book?  Bart Kiggen and Magali Elali of the successful interior blog Coffeeklatch have managed to pull it off. The result is a lovely coffee table book, featuring an interesting mix of people who are all passionate about plants.

Greenterior book by Coffeeklatch. 39.95 euros


To fake or not to fake? 


Are you the type who forgets to water their plants and lets them die instead of making them grow? There's no need to worry any longer because you can add some flair to your interior in no time at all with this eucalyptus branch (which looks almost real). The benefit? You never have to water this branch and it lasts a lifetime!

Silk eucalyptus branch by SIA. 22 euros.

Easy peasy hot peppers in your own garden or in a container?

Have you always dreamt of growing your own gigantic pumpkins, giant sunflowers, juicy basil or spicy hot peppers? Then we have excellent news for you because you may pull it off much faster than you think with these Bag plants. As soon as the plant starts to sprout, you can plant the fully organic and degradable hessian bag in your garden. Easy peasy!

Bag plant. 13.75 euros


If you like taking care of plants and breaking eggs (well you never know), then these Egglings are just the gift for you. From wild strawberry and petunia to mint and lavender from Provence. These Japanese ceramic eggs contain seeds that blossom into pretty plants. Crack the egg, place it in the terracotta tray and water the egg. A little bit of patience and you will have a plant in an original container! 

Eggling. 10.95 euros

Don't you just love what plants do!

A book for anyone who loves greenery, even if they don't have green fingers? The author and stylist Judith Baehner introduces you to the world of house plants with this trendy book. A must for anyone who loves greenery around the house! This book is suited for every level of gardener, whether you need some plant first aid or are interested in some practical DIY ideas and fun styling tips.

The Plant lab book. 19.95 euros

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