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4 March 2016 / Ester

The craft and the makers

Craftwork is all the rage again! The natural counter-response to mass production is hotter than hot! Have you never heard of crafting? Don't worry any longer, because in this blog post we will give you a short introduction to craf'tology so you can keep up with this hype in no time!

History of craftsmanship

The English word to hand-craft literally means to make something by hand. The word craft means trade. Crafting originated in people's passion for home-made items. The British Arts & Crafts Movement, which originated in 1880, made it across the ocean in 1910, to the United States. There, the Craftsman Style soon established itself in architecture, interiors, design and decoration. At the same time, Europe tried to promote craftsmanship again, which had been forgotten as a result of the industrialisation. 

Just think of the hashtag #ikkoopbelgisch (I by Belgian), which you see very often on Instagram lately.

Crafts in 2016

As was the case in the past, contemporary craft is still all about making or crafting "things". (Physically) with your hands, but also with your head (intellect). Makers examine the endless possibilities of materials and processes or skills to create unique objects. The child in us over time has forgotten how to create things using our hands. More than ever, we feel the need to travel back in time, to discover an identity and be unique in the things we do. We have had it with large-scale mass production and prefer locally made goods. Just think of the hashtag #ikkoopbelgisch (I buy Belgian), which you see on Instagram very often these days.

What's more, being creative with your hands also makes you feel more peaceful, can be enlightening and is healthy too.

PIET moodshop x Craftwork

Hand-made products and their makers are clearly very popular. This English-language book "The Craft & The Makers" lets you take a look behind the scenes in the workshops of several creative makers. It features jewellery designers, wood craftsmen, shoemakers and many other craftsmen. They share their passion, their centuries-old techniques and contemporary applications in this book.

The brands Double StitchedPiet StockmansBowking and Clodette also pride themselves on their craftsmanship. Discover them in our online store!
What feels so good about getting your hands dirty and making something?

The first episode of the Belgian TV series "Het Eerste Kwartaal"is all about craftsmanship. Judith Van Herck creates custom lingerie. Kenneth Van Hoesen continues to perfect his bread, pudding and cakes while Antoon Van den Ecker designs exclusive shoes. These three entrepreneurs who have completely different views all have one thing in common: they are passionate about their craft.

These 11 inspiring TED talks all discuss the art of craft. Want to bet that you'll feel inspired?



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