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14 August 2014 / Ester

Tents, factories, I decorated them all

In a distant past, I spent three years helping couples organise the most beautiful day of their lives.

Tents, factories, I decorated them all. Whether they preferred an intimate ceremony or a dance party for hundreds of guests, I always made certain that it was an unforgettable experience.  Now that I run the shop, I leave the organisation of these parties to other professionals. I prefer to focus on the finishing touch instead!

Until the day that a couple of friends approached me to help them organise their wedding in Provence…...

I found myself unable to resist the urge

….. how could I say no.

Fast forward to the first location visit in early April 2014.  The first meeting took place under the Provençal sun, by the pool, over a glass of rosé.  

What an enchanting location!  Among fields full of lavender, in an eighteenth-century mansion surrounded by gîtes - where all the guests would stay. They had chosen a country estate that was enclosed by a river, a stream and a brook with a waterwheel.  You might think that this is a dream location that does not require much work. And you're right. But the idea was to surprise the guests over and over again. The two families and their respective friends had the opportunity to get to know each other better during a fun BBQ.

The big day

And then the big day dawned. Breakfast hampers were delivered, the hairdressers arrived and everyone started to prepare for the ceremony. While the long wooden table was being installed and set on the patio, the ceremony itself was held among lavender bushes. There were Chinese lanterns in the trees, Baroque candlesticks with white candles on the table and tiny golden vases with pastel-coloured wild flowers everywhere. The scene looked like a film set… Everyone ate and danced the night away. The next morning, after a rather short night of sleep, the guests emerged from their rooms for a brunch in the fields.  They spent the next days recovering from their hangover by the pool.

An intimate wedding with your best friends and close family. Spending two, three or more days enjoying the company of your nearest and dearest. If I get married one day, I hope to emulate this unforgettable wedding.

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