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23 October 2014 / Ester

PIET Moodshop attends Dutch Design Week

Last week I received the following invitation in my inbox:

Dear Christophe,

We spent the past sixteen months working on a stunning collection with the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. We will launch this collection, called the Tube series, during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I have the pleasure of inviting you to the official presentation.

Like in other European countries, we would like to introduce the Tube series in Belgium towards the end of the year by offering exclusivity to a maximum of five dealers. I would like to discuss how we can do this with you as I know how influential your shop is.

Kindly let me know if you would be interested in a cooperation. 

I didn't need much more of an incentive to make the trek to this major design event on a Sunday. And it is highly recommended that you plan everything beforehand because there is so much to see. Two thousand Dutch and international designers showcase their work in the fields of product design, textiles and fashion, graphic design, spatial design, design management and trends in 78 locations.

Piet Hein Eek

We started out the day in Strijp R, visiting the offices of PIET HEIN EEK.

Here we soon met the designer and saw his new TUBE. It was love at first sight. A pretty clock and elegant audio box in the form of a slender tube with two removable legs. This allows you to also incorporate the tube in any module. The audio speaker comes with bluetooth, meaning you can use your smartphone or computer to operate it. Available very soon in steel, brass or copper.

 Piet Hein Eek

Dutch design labels

Don't forget to walk up the staircase here or visit the other buildings on site. Here we met a number of familiar brands, with whom we have been cooperating since PIET moodshop was established. Studio Pepe Heykoop presented a miniature version of its Paper Vase Cover while Ontwerpduo surprised us with a glow in the dark lamp. A magical light source that glows for another eight hours after you have switched off all the lights and the sun is casting its rays over another continent.

We had also scheduled a visit to our loyal partner Vij5. Arjan and Anieke work with Ontwerpduo, which designed some fun wall decoration for the design brand. The geometric mirror, bulletin board or erasable board will soon go into production. In any event, we thoroughly enjoyed the preview!


Cushions and plaids made of recycled denim

We also met a Dutch designer who uses recycled jeans to create her cushions and plaids. The fibres are spun after which the yarn goes to a traditional knitting factory where the unique soft plaids and cushions are made. Because that is what it's all about during this #DDW14: The design of the future and the role of technology and innovation.

It took two years but we finally found them! The fun plaids and cushions with their unique backstory will soon be gracing our shelves.

Traditional products and their makers

In the afternoon we visited the Design Platform (Design Perron). Young Dutch designers are given a platform to present their products in the former train station. Here we discovered the brand Sweatshop Deluxe. We have been selling their hand-made products from recycled and sustainable materials in our shop since this summer.

We then crossed the railway arriving in Section C. It's always fun to take a peek behind the scenes in the workshops of the people behind the designs. We spent way too much time here, finally making it to the NRE site just after 6 p.m. Many of the designers were just closing shop… Time for a drink! Greenhouses had been installed for the occasion, where you could enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at Fifth. You had to reserve beforehand for the Food Experience Truck, so unfortunately we were unable to try it. But the 100-year-old gasworks opened its doors for the first time, giving us a better insight into the ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the NRE site.


De Luchtpost

I rarely go home empty-handed. This morning we met someone who had a fun story to tell. Sue Doeksen is a visual adventurer. She succeeded in literally stuffing our car full of new items.

We are always on the go, we want too much and never really make time for anything. Our lives are turbulent and we all need some peace and quiet. The only remedy for this is to relax and unwind, to go outdoors or let things go. We just need to learn to take it slow.

De Luchtpost is the specialist when it comes to unwinding. The brand offers a wide range of products that will help you unwind, will give you an overview or make you experience relief, in the form of hand-made, silkscreen printed building kits.

Are you up for some easy fun? Then pop into PIET moodshop but there's no need to rush.

NRE terein

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