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20 January 2016 / Ester

Pantone has chosen two colours as Colour of the Year for 2016.

This is the first time in the history of Pantone that the colour of the year comes in two hues. "Serenity" and "Rose Quartz"

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen the colour of the year for over sixteen years. An initiative that influences product design in a lot of industries. In 2015, they chose the wine-red colour Marsala (Pantone 18-1438). But this year, they decided to go with two colours of the year. The harmonious combination of baby-blue "Serenity" (Pantone 15-3919) and soft "Rose Quartz" (Pantone 13-1520) contributes to making you feel more peaceful and be in inner harmony.

These two colours are so unique in that each colour also enhances the other, when combined. There is a lovely balance between the warmer pink and the cooler blue. "The colour combination reflects cohesion and wellbeing and also looks positive and peaceful. Pinks and blues are also inextricably linked with the different genders. So you could say that the fact that we chose two colours symbolises the modern idea of gender flexibility", explains Leatrice Eiseman, the CEO of the Pantone Color Institute.

PIET moodshop (as usual) is way ahead of the game with this new colour trend, which has tons of interior possibilities. Both colours go well with matte, metallic and shiny surfaces. Here are some items you can find in our shop!

Mirror mirror...

Edmée is a storage box with a mirror in the lid. The perfect place to store your jewellery and make-up, or as the pièce de résistance on your vanity. The mirror box comes in three pastel shades, including the two new Pantone colours, and is made of ash. Very durable!

Edmée mirror box. 75 euros.

Stockmans blue

Many Michelin-starred restaurants use porcelain in Stockmans blue to set their tables. These soft blue beakers, made by Piet Stockmans in glazed porcelain, will also be perfect on your table at home!

Niessing beakers. 59.50 euros.

High tea

The Daily Beginnings tableware collection looks so cheerful and is designed by the Belgian artist Catherine Lovatt. The tableware is perfect for a Sunday brunch but you can also use it every day, as a breakfast set. The brand name is synonymous with tranquillity and timeless design. We like!

Daily Beginnings tableware. From 5.90 euros.

An eye-catcher, with or without flowers  


After obtaining a degree in Design and Fine Arts Foekje Fleur (NL) started to create objects that are both functional and make you think. Her attractive, colourful designs may look playful at first glance but in reality they are inspired by serious topics such as environmental pollution and animal welfare. 

Bottle vase. 29 euros.

 Graduated elegance

Nuée is a home linen collection that expresses the designer's own interpretation of light and colour. These beautiful, decorative cushions in graduated colours exude simplicity and elegance. The soft inner cushion is filled with duck down. Use it in bed as a cushion to prop yourself up to read or add some colour to your sofa!

Nuée cushion. 57 euros.

Petite Friture

A lamp that seems to float in space and can create a nice shadow pattern on the ceiling and walls? Hello Vertigo, the newest result of the collaboration between the designer Constance Guisset and Petite Friture. This light fixture is extremely light and flexible, so the light is almost constantly moving. The slightest movement of air casts the loveliest shadows on the wall.

Vertigo lamp. 695 euros.

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