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27 April 2016 / Ester

Mother's Day flowers!

Can you smell it? The Floralies are back in Ghent after five years and the city is flowering madly!

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On the occasion of this exciting flower event, we have decided to add a floral twist to our shop. Our favourite window dressers of Ekster & Ekster travelled all the way from the Netherlands to showcase their best work in our small window display opposite Vooruit. Since autumn 2015, this creative pair has helped us create the most original window displays. 

The shop looks bright and colourful again, exactly the way we like it best. And we know someone else who appreciates a nice bunch of flowers. Someone you should not forget on May 8th, because it's Mother’s Day. So here is a small bunch of six gift tips for your mum:

Do you give your mum flowers every year? Then maybe the time has come to do something different.

 my happy soaps

By Lassen

the Kinfolk table

Callas confiture

Terre de Reves



My Happy Soaps Edition 2016

Instant happiness with this "My Happy Soap(s)" gift set. The box contains four marbled soaps, with the following fragrances: camellia, cedar wood, white musk and black tea.
These luxurious soaps are 100% natural and made in Provence.
Price 39 euros for a gift set with four soaps, available

By Lassen collection

The Cube candle holder was designed by the Danish designer Mogens Lassen and was first produced in 1962. A modern and timeless gift for your mum. Do take a look at the Mesch plaid, a super-soft woollen blanket in a graphic navy blue pattern.
Price from 69 euros, available

The Kinfolk Table

For mothers who like baking every day and prefer to gather their family and friends around their dining table. The Kinfolk Table contains recipes and inspiration for small gatherings. Pure, good food, with more than 80 recipes from all over the world.
Price 41.50 euros, available

Callas confiture gift box

A tasty gift, this "Haute confiture" from Ghent. Karen Depoortere only uses fresh fruit and pure ingredients for her jam. With delicious and surprising taste combinations including strawberries and rose petals <3 Callas confiture also contains very low levels of sugar!
Price 19 euros for a gift box with three jams, available
here .

Terres de Rêves

Anita le Grelle's tableware is the stuff of dreams. Eclectic colours that combine beautifully for a soothing effect. Misty grey, rusty red and smokey blue are colours that really fuel your imagination. The dishes and cups make a stunning gift for your mum.
Price from 7.50 euros, available

Jewel Pieter Stockmans

Pieter Stockmans' porcelain is all about simplicity and serenity. These jewels are made of porcelain and silver. What's more, every item is unique. The earrings and necklace come in the traditional Stockmans blue, while the earrings also are available in a soft shade of grey. For mothers who love Stockmans’ elegant porcelain.
Price earrings 95 euros / price necklace 370 euros.
Only available in our shop.

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