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22 October 2015 / Ester

Most people associate Stockmans with white and blue

Michelin-starred chefs use his Stockmans blue porcelain to set their tables and Genk-based Piet Stockmans is also an internationally renowned ceramics artist. Together with his daughter Widukind and her husband Frank, Stockmans explores the boundaries of porcelain every day.

The collection by Studio Pieter Stockmans features installations, vases, jewellery, business gifts and exclusive customer dinnerware. Every item is meticulously hand-crafted and every product comes with a mark and a certificate of authenticity. This guarantees that the item, which is made in small series and comes from Pieter Stockmans’ workshop in Belgium, is hand-crafted. No two plates are alike. And it is these differences which make his objects so unique. It is also an easy way of recognising "a real Pieter Stockmans".

Most people associate Stockmans with white and blue

Pieter Stockmans has been a reference in the field of porcelain dinnerware and artworks for over fifty years. He has several years of experience working with the material and only makes high-end, hand-crafted products in white and his famous Stockmans blue. This colour is best described as the blue of a summery sky in Belgium, a shade Piet discovered when he was experimenting with colours. Almost all warm shades burn at 1,410 °C. Blue is the only primary colour of all the cold shades. The blue adds a new, richer dimension to the pristine white of the porcelain.

The Genk-based porcelain designer has several prominent clients. The chefs of renowned Michelin-starred restaurants such as Alain Ducasse (Louis XV, Monaco), Sergio Herman ( Pure C, Cadzand), Peter Goossens (Hof van Cleve, Kruishoutem), Thierry Theys (Nuance, Duffel), Thomas Bühner (La Vie, Osnabrück), Hans van Wolde (Beluga, Maastricht) and Koen Verjans (Innesto, Houthalen) like to present their creations on dinnerware by Pieter Stockmans.

We only have one machine: our kiln. Everything else is done by hand. On Belgian soil."

– Widukind Stockmans

Piet Stockmans turns 75: porcelain over porcelain

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Piet Stockmans, Hugo Duchateau has curated an exhibition about the work of this ceramic artist. You can visit Studio Pieter Stockmans in C-mine every Saturday and Sunday afternoon until 20 December. Here you can learn more about Piet Stockmans' life and see works from the past including dinnerware, platters, cups, tea light holders, fragments... 

Who is Piet Stockmans?

Piet(er) Stockmans (26 October 1940) is a Belgian designer and artist. From 1966 until 1989, he worked as a designer for the Royal Mosa porcelain factory in Maastricht. From 1969 until 1998, he taught industrial design at the MAD faculty. In 1989, he set up shop as a self-employed designer, after having founded his studio in 1987. He specialised in handcrafted small series and original artworks in Stockmans blue. In 2010, Studio Pieter Stockmans moved into the beautifully renovated metal warehouse of the former coal mine, C-Mine, in Genk.

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P.S. 2: Stockmans has also left his mark on the weekend edition of the local newspaper, Het Belang van Limburg, just this once, with artistic reportages and interviews. The newspaper also contains a voucher to buy the Piet Stockmans anniversary edition. It consists of a special edition of two Niessing Beakers and the La Mer Dish, which you can purchase from PIET moodshop until 30 November 2015.

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