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20 July 2016 / Ester

Baby gifts


Flensted mobile


Flensted mobile

Flying elephants

Flensted Mobiles is a Danish family-owned company. The story started in 1953 when Christian Flensted created a mobile with storks to celebrate his daughter's birth. A mobile above a baby's cot stimulates the newborn's sensory development. The baby will enjoy the colours and the slight movement. These hand-made mobiles are available in plexiglas or paper, depending on the type.

The balloons, swallows and elephants make a great gift for a newborn!

Flensted mobiles price from 24.50 euros.

You can never start teaching them the importance of good taste too early.

The little children's book

Peptalk for parentsScrabble beker

Duckling on a shelf

The Little Children's Book

Parents can write down their musings and fun memories in Clodette's Little Children's Book. The book is chockfull of pre-printed questions and musings, with a lot of humour and irony. The little children's book is a nice collection of memories, which you can ruminate over together in future years. 
Clodette is the name of the brand developed by the actress Veerle Dobbelaere and the photographer Karen van Winkel. Together they design lovely, upbeat practical gifts and interior objects. Read more about Clodette in our blog post "PIET moodshop loves… Clodette".

The little children's book, price 16.35 euros. 

Peptalk for parents

Now that Mr and Ms Flash have become parents themselves, they were inspired to create "Peptalk for Parents". Peptalk for parents consists of a series of hilarious, motivating quotes about parenthood. The cards provide some light entertainment in between diaper changes. You can send the 10 Letterpress cards individually to different parents of newborns or you can give the set as a whole. The set contains a wooden display for a card. Fun to spell out words in baby's room.

Peptalk for parents, price 19 euros.

Scrabble letters wood & mug

A classic and an iconic PIET moodshop item: our scrabble letters. You can use the wooden scrabble letters and Helen B's scrabble mugs to create some fun letter combos.
Perhaps the first letter of baby's name, in a gift with a mug for the mum and dad? The wooden scrabble letters are also a fun way of customising and decorating baby's room.

Wooden scrabble letter, price 17.95 euros
Scrabble mug, price 13 euros. 


Pondering a timeless gift? Our ducklings with or without bell jar will also look nice in your godchild's first studio or apartment twenty years later. Jeroen Lemaitre of Animaux Spéciaux calls these ducklings and all his other works treasures, for anyone with a penchant for beauty and tiny wonders. Naturally a baby has yet to develop this hankering. For the time being, all it wants is a lot of affection and milk but I suppose you can never start too early when it comes to teaching a baby good taste?

Duckling on a shelf, price 80 euros.

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