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Inspiration / 15 June 2017 / Ester

Apero time!

No better way to finish a week of hard work than with a refreshing drink in your hand. Next to the standard sparkling wine and gin tonics we like some variety on a friday night. So we would like to introduce you to these 4 speciality cocktails. They might not be the easiest to make, but I assure you it will be totally worth your while.

With the tips & trics by the bartenders who invented them, and our range of liquors you can make these coktails at home. You can also find the needed cocktail glasses and bartools on our webshop.

Hierbas de Las Dunas cocktail

Kiss my berries

Frozen Hierbas Margherita
recipe by Syrco Bakker (2 portions)

Peel the apple and cut out of the bell house. Put all the ingredients together in the blender except the ice and blend for a moment.
Add a handfull of ice and blend again. Serve the cocktail in a small Libbey no.5 Winchester glass with a beech paper straw.
Garnish with sea salt, samphire or algae salt.

Kiss my Berry

recipe by Niels & Wouter Vandekerkhove

  • 30 ml Kiss my blackberries
  • 30 ml Tanqueray gin
  • 20 ml fresh lemonjuice
  • 20 ml Monin jasmine syrup
  • Verse blackberries
  • Ijs

Squeeze 3 blackberries in your hand and put them in a cocktailshaker. Add all the ingredients and shake for a few seconds. Serve the Kiss My Berry in a Libbey no.1 cocktail glas and garnish with a blackberry and a leaf of fresh mint.

And when the evening falls we drink a cocktail with Belgian vermouth, sweet blackberries and the scent of jasmine.

Nikka from the barrel cocktail
Ginderella cocktail

Charcoal Old Fashioned
recipe by specialitybrands.com

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice, stir it down and pour over the hand carved ice. Serve in an old fashioned whisky glass or a Hobstar black cocktail glass if you can't find the bamboo charcoal for the black look.

To make the chamomile syrup, add one cup of water to one cup of sugar in a pan on the hob and let it dissolve. Add a chamomile tea bag and remove once infused.


Ginderella French 75
recipe by Nick Baeyens from Apples & Booze

  • 50 ml Ginderella gin
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 2,5 cl syrup (1:1)
  • Dry French apple cider (Mere poulard bouché)
  • Ice

This cocktail is a twist on the classic French 75 which combines sugar, lemon, champagne and gin in a champagne glass. In this recipe the champagne has been replaced with a dry apple cider.
Mix all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Strain in a glass and add a taste of cider. The taste of the apples goes very well with the earthy herbs in the Ginderella gin.

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