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27 November 2015 / Ester

Alternative Christmas decoration

Hours of fun at the table, a jenever or a glühwein too many, snowflakes floating down outside and lovely, shimmering candlelight everywhere you look.…It's almost time to start gathering gifts for under your Christmas tree but let's start by decorating the house. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a tree, preferably a largeish, full Nordmann tree which you can decorate lavishly with nice Christmas decorations. But what if you live in a small house, or hate the pine needles which you find all over your house or prefer to tone down the Christmas decorations? There are plenty of alternatives to get into the Christmas spirit, without going overboard. And PIET moodshop has just the right solution for you, with our range of alternative Christmas decoration.



In recent years, traditional spruces are gradually making way for wooden Christmas trees. So why not invest in something different this year, instead of in the traditional fir tree? This wooden (light bark) or cardboard Odenneboom is 100% recyclable, but before the time has come to recycle it, you can enjoy it for several years.

Odenneboom cardboard. H 233 cm. 149 euros. Odenneboom wood medium. L 20 cm x B 20 cm x H 50 cm. 69 euros. Or Odenneboom wood small (set of 3). 59 euros.

Infinite tree

This infinite Christmas tree is inspired by Scandinavian nature and has been designed according to the Golden Ratio, which influences people's perception of beauty and pleasing compositions. The designer Johannes Molin was inspired by the Scandinavian forests to design this wooden Christmas tree. You can lean the tree against a wall, let it fan out or twist it branch by branch. 

Infinite tree. Made of linden wood. 50 euros.

Christmas tree ornament by Pieter Stockmans 

Christmas is the perfect occasion to amp things up a little. How about some Christmas ornaments by Pieter Stockmans? They are made of delicate porcelain with a subtle blue glaze. Every ornament is hand-crafted, making it completely unique. A real must-have for fans of Stockmans's work, in the knowledge that these are the first ever Christmas tree ornaments he made during his fifty-year career.

XMAS Christmas tree ornament by Pieter Stockmans. 10 x 12 cm. 57 euros.

A different take on a Christmas tree ornament

Shine on! Who says you always have to use traditional Christmas tree ornaments in your tree? The tiny mirrors create a fun effect, especially with the grey, gold or rose hues. A break from the traditional red and green of the Christmas period.

Pila Mirror Ornament. Choose from Dark Grey, Gold or Rose. 6 euros.

DIY tree ornament

Christmas tree ornaments don't always have to be round per se. What's more, you can easily make this Fragment tree ornament yourself. Assemble and you can put your original eye-catching ornament in your tree in no time at all.

Fragment Christmas ornament. Made of 3 mm thick brass, includes a hook. 13 euros.


There's nothing quite like the warm glow of Christmas lights during the dark days of winter. This copper string of LED lights looks just as cosy as candlelight. A perfect addition to your Christmas tree or for above your bed.

Copper string lights comes with 20 bright LEDs. The copper string measures 1.8 metres. (currently not in stock)

A Christmas tree with familiar faces

Put photos of family members in this fun photo frames or fill them with glitter. Want to bet that you will have the most original Christmas tree ever? Winning! 

Mini photo frame for your Christmas tree. H 5 cm x W 3.75 cm. 4.20 euros.




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