PIET Moodshop | Black distressed denim BBQ apron

Black distressed denim BBQ apron


This apron has been handmade by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands.

The ultra-trendy apron is made from the best distressed denim, just like your jeans, and is super comfortable to wear. The BBQ style apron has adjustable leather straps, a kangaroo pocket and carabiner hooks for grilling tools and towel.

A Dutch Deluxe apron is a one-size-fits-all and comes in a beautiful gift box.


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The apron is 100% cotton. The straps are 100% leather.

Wash the apron at 40°C after removing the straps.

Every Dutchdeluxes denim apron has its own unique wash, so your apron can look a little different than the picture.


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