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Bierwandelboek België


A refreshing way to discover Belgium

Lovers of good beer and beautiful walks: this guide is for you! The 40 hikes in this book have been selected because of their beautiful settings but also (and not least) because of their destination: each hike leads you to a brewery or a pub where you can enjoy a good glass of beer.

Each route is accompanied by detailed instructions: the level of difficulty, the duration, the height difference, the places of interest along the way, how to get there by public transport, etc. At the end of each route a local brewery or an authentic café is suggested, and the author, Pauline Moulin, recommends a beer.

  • a new reason to go on a walking tour
  • hike, taste, and support the microbreweries
  • also suitable for hikers who prefer to drink a tea
  • with gpx files to download

Pauline Moulin is from Ath, a small town in Hainaut. Travel and people fascinate her immensely; to share those passions she started her travel blog Madame Bougeotte in 2014. One day she decided to hike the GR 129 trail, to rediscover Belgium and get to know the landscapes and people better. For Pauline, life is a succession of discoveries: through travel, encounters and traditions. Beer brings all those things together.


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This Dutch language softcover book was published by Luster in December 2021.

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 23.5 cm
  • Number of pages: 236

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