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Bertelles have been making suspenders since 2015. With just the right mix of authenticity, expertise, quirkiness and modernity, they defend the etiquette of the past. But they are not just nostalgic. Their collections are as modern as it gets and are designed with today's lifestyle in mind.

Each pair of Bertelles is locally designed and manufactured in Belgium. Every pair of suspenders has the Handmade in Belgium (HIB) label to prove it.

In our Bertelles collection you will find the 'thin' suspenders with a narrow version and the 'wide' suspenders with a wider version.


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The thin 'Bertelles' are 25 mm wide. The 'wide' Bertelles are 35 mm wide.

Both the 'thin' and the 'wide' suspenders have an elastic belt with a length of 120 cm.

Stainless steel clips are always attached to the elastic straps, which makes it easy to clip the suspenders on pants.

From €35.00

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