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Belgium's best buildings


This book is the second, extensive and revised edition of the guide that was published in 2012 with the title Belgium's Best Buildings. It is a stylish and accessible guide for architectural fans and anyone interested in architecture in Belgium.

Based on the top-10 lists of renowned Belgian architects and architectural experts, 94 buildings, completed after 1900, were selected for this new edition.

The result is a surprising mix of award-winning contemporary architectural projects (such as a crematorium in an apparently infinite landscape), historic must-sees (such as the Stoclet Palace), less obvious pearls (such as a church in West Flanders) and breathtaking architects' houses.


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This English and Dutch book was first published in April 2018 by Luster.

The book has a soft cover, measures 16,6 by 27,4 cm and counts 412 pages.


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