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Beach chair

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The Weltevree beach chair is a beach chair as it should be: classical and timeless. The fame of this design is its great strength.

Erik Stehmann and Raw Color have given this characteristic chair a modern update: with the used colours and weaving technique of the fabric they refer to the horizon in a subtle way. The Beach Chair is made from Dutch beech wood and woven cotton.

The chair is adjustable in three positions, so you can sit upright to read a book or lean backwards to relax. Simply take this chair with you for a day on the beach or find a nice spot in your back garden.


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The folded beach chair weighs 5 kg, is 119 cm long, 59 cm wide and 4 cm thick.

The frame of the chair frame is made of varnished beech wood and the upholstery of cotton.

The beach chair is available in the colors red/blue and yellow/green.

From €198.00

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