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Arie bookend (1 piece)

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In September 2018 Ministry of Makers vzw and Stad Gent launched vol+maakt: a unique collection of design objects that is the result of the intense collaboration between designers and social work places from Ghent.

The objects testify to a search for purity, craftsmanship and sustainability. They tell a story about mutual respect for each other's abilities, about tactility and the love for natural materials. The collaboration with designers gives the social economy extra learning opportunities and encourages not only sustainable cooperation with regular companies, but also between social work places. The collection pieces were given names to emphasize the human and social character of the project. In the 2018 collection, all names begin with the letter 'A'.

The collaboration between designer Sep Verboom and social work place Compaan resulted in 4 different but combinable bookends in Belgian blue stone and French white stone.


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This product contains 1 bookend.

The Arie 0010 bookend is only available in Belgian blue stone.

From €60.00

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