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Wine Rack Arca

From €145.00

The ARCA wine rack by XLBoom is a meeting of refinement, taste and creativity. A pure object that stands out from any other wine rack. The aesthetic rack is made of stainless steel, hand-welded and powder-coated in black with a soft grain, giving it a modern look.

The wine rack was designed by Belgian designer Frederik Delbart, who was inspired by Roman bridges. The different arches form separate levels that result in compartments for wine bottles.


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22
  • Antwerpen – Graanmarkt 2


The ARCA wine rack comes in two sizes:

6 bottles: 21 × 20.5 × 33 cm
9 bottles: 21 × 30 × 33 cm

From €145.00

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