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Ann De Meulemeester Vase/Tablelamp

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  • Rechargeable light source in the wooden base
  • Sandblasted glass
  • For a bouquet of flowers or a few
  • Stunning detailed design

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Vase/Tablelamp Luce: D8.3 x H13.65 cm

Vase/Tablelamp Lara: D11.4 x H10.88 cm

Tablelamp Lex: D7.2 x H17.2 cm

Vase/Tablelamp Lys 1: D8.6 x H18.3 cm 

Vase/Tablelamp Lys 2: D9.2 x H32.4 cm

Vase/Tablelamp Lys 3: D12 x H48.7 cm

With the streamlined, slender LYS, Ann Demeulemeester literally puts the flowers in the spotlight. The vase contains a rechargeable light source in its wooden base, illuminating the flowers from the inside. The light not only passes through the glass and the water but also through the flower itself. The LYS vases are breathtaking even with a single well-chosen flower. LYS is available in three styles: LYS 1, LYS 2 an LYS 3.

LARA is characterised by its convex shape. The vase’s top opening is not overly big so that even larger or single flowers can stand up easily.

LUCE has a slightly more sculptural shape as if two cylinders were placed inside each other. At the top, LUCE is rounded around the small opening that allows a single flower to be placed in a beautifully upright position.

The LEX table lamp lasts up to eight hours. An important technical fact: both the LED lamp and the charger can be used in Europe and the United States. For the catering industry, a larger charger has been provided that can charge several lights simultaneously.

From €215.00

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