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Ann De Meulemeester Vase

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Vase Lance: D13 x H51 cm

Vase EDU 1: L13.1 x B5.3 x H13.1 cm

Vase EDU 2: L8.6 x B5.3 x H18 cm

Vase EDU 3: L11.1 x B5.3 x H24 cm


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22


The LANCE vase in sandblasted glass has a full glass base for extra sturdiness.  This keeps the vase upright, even with a sturdy branch in it. However, LANCE also knows how to transcend its function and is just as interesting as a sculpture.

The slender and fragile character of a flower or branch contrasts beautifully in this solid glass EDU vase. A creation from a single block of water-green crystal glass, a colour that perfectly matches the water visibly present in it. The EDU vase plays with both shape and texture. Rounded shapes alternate with straight edges, matt surfaces with glossy ones. The EDU vase is available in three sizes, a square and two beam-shaped vases in different sizes.

From €211.00

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