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Ann De Meulemeester Lee Glass Transparent

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The Lee collection is a series of six lead-free crystal glasses, mouth-blown and individually polished. The facets created by the polished finish scatter the light and highlight the unique geometric design of the glass.


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22



Glass 7.5 cl: D4.2 x H8 cm 

Glass 10 cl: D6.5 x H6.7 cm

Glass 15 cl: D7.7 x H7.8 cm

Glass 20 cl: D6.9 x H11.3 cm

Glass 35 cl: D7.3 x H13.9 cm

Glass 12.5 cl: D4.7 x H14.5 cm

From €37.00

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