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Align lamp


Align is a minimalist lamp designed by Antje Pese, whose design is based on a simple metal hemisphere. The simplicity of the lamp is reflected in both form and function. What makes the lamp special is its unique, multifunctional way of hanging it. Because the power cord and suspension cable are separated from each other, the lamp can be used in different ways. This is because the hemisphere is held by a small magnet, which allows the shade to be rotated in any direction and the light source to be perfectly positioned.

When hung, the Align functions as a hanging lamp above the table, in a free space or as a reading lamp next to the couch. With the help of the small silicone table base you transform it into a beautiful table lamp, which can be placed in any direction. The power cord can be connected to the ceiling or via an electrical outlet. This allows you to adapt the lamp to different situations in your interior.


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The Vij5 Align lamp has a powder coated metal shade and a diameter of 17 cm. It is a LED lamp with built-in dimmer. The light has a warm white color. Each lamp comes with a silicone base so that the lampshade can be placed in all directions.

A set of the Align lamp always includes colored steel cable with magnetic suspension system and the silicone base. In addition, in the material passport you can find where and by whom the different parts of this product are made.


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