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849 Nespresso Edition Caran D'Ache pen

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The Swiss Caran d'Ache was founded in 1924 and is known worldwide for its superior quality and expertise. Every product is made by hand in Geneva, where traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern techniques.

This sustainable 849 is a product of a collaboration with Nespresso where Caran d'Ache produced a limited edition version of their iconic ballpoint pen made with aluminum recycled from used coffee capsules.

The two world-famous Swiss companies continue to work for their values of innovation, design quality and the protection of our environment.


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This 849 ballpoint pen consists of a hexagonal aluminum shell with a push button and a flexible clip.

In this edition, the sentence "Made with recycled Nespresso Capsules" is engraved.

The ballpoint pen contains a blue medium Goliath ink cartridge.

From €42.00

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