What the Fuck


A collection of astonishing photos from around the world, which the editors stumbled upon during their many hours on the world wide web. The book is a cross of a cabinet of curiosities and a documentary on the human species, offering a unique insight into contemporary amateur photography.

Photos like these are avidly shared on social media and this book makes you think about the how, where and why of this phenomenon. They are often accompanied by the acronym “WTF”, on social media and websites, as if to alert you to the consternation they inspire. “What the fuck!!” sums up the incomprehension of anyone who gazes at these photos as well as the uneasy feeling that overcomes the “voyeur” when he sees them.

All these pictures combined emphasise the astounding pace at which countless anonymous spectators are exposed to these extraordinary images and how the extraordinary increasingly becomes the norm to which we have all become accustomed.


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This book was first published by Luster Publishers in September 2018.

The softcover measures 10 x 15 cm and contains 180 photos.


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