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Week-end garden bench

From €630.00

The WEEK-END collection by the French Petite Friture consists of a full range of garden furniture. If you are looking for a part or color from this collection that you do not immediately see here? Then be sure to contact us, because all items can be ordered through Piet Moodshop!

All chairs and benches in the collection are designed for practicality, are stackable and made of aluminum, making them suitable for outdoor use.

This garden bench without backrest makes it a versatile piece in your garden. Combine it with other items from this Week-end collection and enjoy a garden full of design!

This item can be admired in our Antwerp store. This product does not have a standard shipping size. Take some extra transport costs into account.


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22
  • Antwerpen – Graanmarkt 2


This garden bench is 156 cm long, 50 cm deep and 45 cm high.
From €630.00

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