Vooruit: Icon & Future


This book offers an architectural report of the metamorphosis that the Vooruit art center has known during the last ten years. Spurred on by a growing need for the arts center to physically adapt and make new connections with its surroundings and its users, the iconic monument underwent a transformation from a cultural home to an urban platform.

The book further elaborates on the vision of the architect and how he wants to build on this art and architecture treasure from the past in a unique and challenging way. The social importance and responsibilities of the arts center in the city are deepened in a debate, in which sustainability and greening are also given a place. In addition, art in the public space becomes an important theme in the publication.

Three artists give their reflection on the new architecture through interviews. Their artworks are a lasting witness. In the first part, architecture reviewer Christoph Grafe elaborates on the social and architectural importance of the transformation. In the second part, Louis Demey (ov) enters into a dialogue with architect Geert LM Pauwels. Finally, the artists Christophe Hefti, Strook and Bonom give their view of art in the public space. The dialogue between old and new is beautifully portrayed by the powerful photography of Karin Borghouts, Michiel Devijver and Reinhart Cosaert.


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This book in Dutch and English was first published in September 2019 by Borgerhoff and Lamberigts.

The book measures 29.2 by 21.5 cm and has 160 pages.


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