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  • TwoTowel is a product for your kitchen, combining two functions into one product.
  • Hang the TwoTowel and one side can be used as a tea towel, while the other is an ordinary hand towel.
  • The TwoTowel is so special because it is made on one machine while usually tea towels and hand towels are produced on two different machines. 
  • The colours and functions seamlessly blend in with each other thanks to the carefully designed gradient in the colour and fabric.
€34.95 €19.00

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Material: 100% cotton, measuring c. 100 x 57 cm.

Design Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst

Arjan (b. 1981) studied Architecture at the TU/e while Anieke (b. 1982) graduated with a degree in "Man & Identity" and "Man & Communication" from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They founded their design brand Vij5 immediately after their graduation, allowing them to market their own designs.

Arjan and Anieke are convinced that their cooperation generates added value. It has even become one of the basic principles of Vij5, which are also expressed in the growing number of collaborations with other young designers.

One moment Anieke and Arjen are checking the prototypes of a new product at a factory; the next they are producing stuff in their own workshop in Eindhoven or presenting Vij5 at a national or international trade show. "We like the variation of our job. We follow every step of the design process and can influence it at every stage. Our work combines entrepreneurship with design.

€34.95 €19.00

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