Traveler's notebook 2020 regular refill

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With these regular size refills for the Japanese Traveler's Notebook you can plan the year 2020 or use them as a diary in which you write or draw what you did every day or what you were grateful for.

The weekly refill consists of 2 booklets that cover 6 months each (Jan-Jun 2020 and July-Dec 2020). On the left page you will find the days of the week, on the right a page with a 5 x 5 mm grid for your memos, mindblobs and ideas.

The monthly refill has a full month per two pages. The right-hand column also prints the previous month and the following 4 months for a quick overview.


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Both 2020 refills are 21 cm high and 11 cm wide.

Stickers are included in both refills.

From €12.90

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