Sula carafe

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  • Sula is a vase-carafe designed for Incipit by Italian designer Pietro Bastia.  
  • The designer chose a simple shape that does not require a handle to be easy to grasp and pour from, leaving the silhouette iconic and intact. 
  • Was the designer inspired by the elegant giraffe or by the long necks of the artist Modigliani? 
  • In any case it has a certain “je ne sais quoi” elegance whether you use it for pouring water or displaying flowers.

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Carafe in stoneware, molded, with inner part in foodsafe glaze. Available in three colours: terracotta, white and dove gray.
We only have the short carafe in our collection, other sizes available on demand. 

Clean with damp cloth or specific products. Not dishwasher safe.

From €55.00

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