Save the Queen giftbox

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Save The Queen are passionate, Belgian Urban Beekeepers who make spirits with pure local city honey from bees that thrive in our cities. They harvest their golden fluid and create a stable habitat for bees in our society.

The STQ gift boxes contain an STQ glass, a jar of their honey, a honey spoon and a bottle of their gin, rum or elderflower liqueur.

The STQ gin contains 14 botanicals and is distilled in a traditional copper pot. It is a soft gin that you can drink pure or mix with a light tonic.

The STQ Rum is a blend of 5-year-old rum, aged in Bourbon barrels from Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. This rum is best served pure, with ice or mixed with ginger beer and served with a piece of lime.

The STQ elderflower is an elderflower drink based on gin. This drink is best served pure, with ice or mixed with tonic or cava / prosecco.


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The bottle of rum, gin or elderflower liqueur in this gift box has a volume of 50 cl.

From €43.00

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