Ceramic planter with water reservoir


The pot Geo H2O by the Dutch Pikaplant is a ceramic planter with an integrated water reservoir. All you have to do is make sure there is water in the reservoir and your plant will automatically get supplied with water for several weeks.

Enjoy your favorite herbs and house plants without worrying about giving too much or too little water. With Geo H2O your plants stay healthy and happy whether you have a green thumb or not! Geo H2O mimics the way aquifers provide plants with water in nature. Water from the reservoir gradually filters into the topsoil through a layer of porous clay, enabling plants to take in as much as they need. Geo ensures a balanced water supply and strong root growth for just about any indoor plant.

Every Geo H2O is handmade with glass and ceramics in Amsterdam. Just as every plant is unique, no two Geo H2Os are exactly alike. Due to the hand-made nature of this product and the use of natural materials, the pattern and tint of the Ash ceramics will vary between individual items.


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The Geo H2O pot has a diameter of 110 mm and is 110 high.

The plant in the photo is not included.


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