Neni's Tel Aviv


This book paints a culinary portrait of the dynamic city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is modern, diverse, colorful and open to external influences. In this city the world comes together and fuses cultures, religions and culinary traditions.

With atmospheric photographs, fascinating stories and typical regional dishes, Haya Molcho, founder of the NENI restaurants, and her four sons Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan sketch a lively portrait of this vibrant and constantly renewed city - the city where their roots lie.

The NENI recipes have been supplemented with dishes from local chefs and lovers of good food. They reflect the special character of Tel Aviv's so varied cuisine. It is cooked with regional ingredients with the taste of Haya's youth in mind: think of sandwiches sabich, green shakshuka, lamb with figs and grapes and cactus fruit sorbet.

What ever came to this city from all over the world, now finds its way into your kitchen. And when people sit together at the table, they not only share a meal, but also memories, ideas, stories and recipes. That is the true Tel Aviv!


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This Dutch book was first published in September 2018 by publisher Lannoo.

The hardback book measures 28 by 21 cm and has 280 pages.


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