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NABLA Rugs by David Thulstrup

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NABLA is a collection of rugs designed by David Thulstrup for Made by Hand in collaboration with Golran. The collection is composed of sophisticated gradients, where timeless but vibrant colour combinations adjoin a gradual interlace of materiality.

The result is a collection composed of four different colourways and sizes, weaved together with the softest bamboo silk and the finest New Zealand wool. 


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22
  • Antwerpen – Graanmarkt 2


Available in four different colourways and sizes:

Sunrise - Daylight - Sundown - Dusk

  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 170 x 240 cm
  • 200 x 300 cm
  • 300 x 400 cm
From €1,239.00

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