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Maarten Baas 16-delig bestek in box

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Maarten Baas’s style is instantly recognisable in his cutlery set. 

It is part of 'The Cutlery Project' by valerie_objects and one of the first sets to be taken into production.

The knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon seem to have gone directly from sketch to the factory.  

A characteristic feature of this cutlery set is the irregular zigzag edge of the knife

An ostensibly simple intervention, which is precisely the most difficult part of production.


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22


Cutlery in brushed steel or black.
Other colors available on demand, also per piece without giftbox.
Dishwasher proof and suited for horeca use.Care instructions:

In this box: 4 knifes, 4 forks, 4 spoon and 4 coffee spoon.

As any other metal, stainless steel can be scratched or damaged when in contact with other stainless steel products or with harder materials. 
It’s therefore important to avoid shocks: 
— Do not take the cutlery at once by chinking it together. 
— Do not ‘throw’ it into the storage compartments.
— Place the cutlery vertically into the dishwasher (into the compartments provided). If placed horizontally, the cutlery would be more shaken by water-jets. 
— Load the cutlery into the ‘vertica’ compartments by type: this would prevent the dessert fork tines from scratching the tablespoons for instance.

It’s recommended to wash the cutlery in an upright position and not too tight so that water can flow after the rinse cycle. A too fast dry would generate stains that would not be easy to remove without putting the cutlery back in water. If the cutlery is not dried enough, stagnant water might attack the steel and leave stains and the end of the dry cycle.

From €270.00

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