Hallertau - A Skateboarder's Journal


This book is a unique photo documentary about the skateboard culture by photographer Thomas Sweertvaegher.

Thomas Sweertvaegher is a young photographer who has been out for years with his friends with whom he shares his passion for skating. He has traveled around the world often with no more than a skateboard under his arm, the extension of his identity.

In the margins of society, Sweertvaegher explores the limits of life and captures his experiences with his camera. His photographs show the ups and downs of a free life on the road. His black and white images take the reader on a journey in which he celebrates life. They show the pain, the scars and the hangovers, but above all the fun, the unexpected beauty and the power of true friendship.

Axel Cruysberghs is one of the main characters of his visual documentary. He grew up as a passionate skateboarder and is now a well-known pro in the US. Yet he has always remained true to the core skaters mentality and values. Hallertau is the name of the street in Poperinge where Thomas and Axel grew up together and dreamed of all the experiences that skateboarding would offer them.


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This Dutch book was published by Kannibaal.

The full-color book with handpainted hardcover contains 192 pages and measures 26 by 18,6 cm.


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